How to get to Obyrok

16514, Ukraine, Chernigivska obl, Bahmachsky r-n, OBYROK (Matiyivka), Prohory 12, Leonid Kanter

GPS  51.389084,32.867489


From Kyiv 220 km:

  1. Own car:

On the highway E-95 in the direction of Chernigiv. After village Kipti turn right onto highway M-O2 to direction Moscow. Drive thru Baturin, cross the bridge over r.Seym and turn into the first turn left (signpost on the road “MATIYIVKA” and “Krupytskyy monasrty”). Drive through the village Matiyivka and at the corner turn guide “KATSIRY. Monastery “. After you will see the sign “Art-village Obyrok” and soon will arrive to our Welcome-center.

  1. Rail:

By train  to the station Bakhmach Passenger. 300 meters walk to the bus station. Bus “Bakhmach-Katsiry” or “Bakhmach-Osich” to Prokhory. Exit at Kinosaray.

If a bus at this time does not, you can go to Matiyivka or Baturin, and then walk or ride by taxi or hich. You can also take a taxi from Bahmach. The presence of the bus can be specified by the carrier.

Best connection between train and bus when leaving Kyiv at 7:30 am in train Kyiv-Shostka.

  1. Bus:

Bus Kyiv-Gluhiv everyday at 15:45 and 18:30 from bus station Lisova (near metro Lisova).

In station you have to buy a ticket to Vertiivka, and inside the bus explain for a conductor that you need to jump out in intersection to Matiyivka and pay him how mush he.

From the intersection you have to walk or catch the car inother 6 km to Obyrok. In Obyrok find Kinosaray.